How Do the Follow-ups Compare?

Today I completed clean-up of the data collected from the follow-up surveys with participants in the Resistance in the Streets.  I also conducted some preliminary analyses comparing the follow-up sub-sample to the full sample of 1,736 participants that were collected in the streets at large-scale protest events since the Resistance began at the Women’s March in 2017.

Overall, the follow-up sample is relatively similar to the full sample of participants in the Resistance in the Streets: there are no statistically significant differences in gender, race, or political ideology.  In other words, just like the original data collected in the streets,  the follow-up sample is more female, more white, and more progressive than the general population.

However, the follow-up participants are more educated than the overall sample and are less likely to be first-time protesters.  I will be keeping these differences in mind as I move forward analyzing the data.

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