The Resistance Takes Aim at Gun Violence


On 14 February, 17 people were murdered at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida by a gunman who stormed the school with an assault style AR-15 rifle.  In the days following the school shooting, we have seen the usual political dance unfold with lawmakers publicly denouncing gun violence and myriad offers of thoughts and prayers.  At the same time, debate has circled around how, exactly, to define a “school shooting”— to determine when one should count as part of the growing statistic for 2018.

This past weekend, the survivors of the school shooting took to the airwaves and social media calling for policymakers to do something about gun violence in America.  As part of this campaign, the students have called for a National School Walkout on March 14th and the March for Our Lives on Washington, DC on March 24th.

It is not yet clear how these events will unfold and how this coordinated effort to take aim at gun violence in America (and in American schools) will connect with the broader themes and actors involved in the Resistance.  The Walkout is being coordinated by the organizers of the Women’s March and the March is likely to involve a coalition of progressive organizations that have been engaged in these issues for years.

For now, I have added these newly scheduled events to the Resistance in the Streets Timeline (above) and will keep monitoring.  I will most definitely be out in the streets of Washington, DC with a research team to survey protesters.  One likely challenge will be that, given the rules regulating our research, we will be unable to survey any participants under 18.