Protests Resume in 2018

Happy 2018!

As the new year gets rolling, a number of marches have been scheduled around the US.  Although the organizers of the Women’s March are focusing their #PowerToThePolls in Nevada, events are scheduled around the country to commemorate the anniversary of the Women’s March on the weekend of January 20-21st.  The following weekend–on January 27th–the People’s March on Washington has been called.  It will be interesting to see if this new wave of events grows as we move towards the Mid-term elections and if the 2018 events turn out larger crowds than the marches that took place during the later part of 2017.  For all large marches in DC (with more than 50,000 people expected), I intend to field a research team to collect data to add to my Resistance in the Streets dataset.

Speaking of Chapter 2: Resistance in the Streets, the chapter goes live on this site on the anniversary of the Women’s March (21 January 2018).  In the meantime, I’m spending much of my January interviewing people involved in the Resistance in the Districts, which is chapter 3 of the book.