Welcome to American Resistance, a Book-In-Progress about the ways Americans are resisting the Trump Administration and its policies.  Sections of this book will first be published online on this site.  The blog format enables me to comment on current events as they happen and frame my findings around real world events in real-time.  My intention is for the site’s content to contribute to the conversation about the Resistance as it is happening in the US. In addition to posting shorter blog posts, I will post full chapter drafts once they have gone through peer-review at Columbia University Press.

By tracking the American Resistance over time, we can understand and interpret its meaning and how it fits into American politics more accurately.  After the mid-term elections in 2018, these chapters will be revised to reflect the election’s outcome.  Then, the book will go to Press. The book will be available for purchase in summer 2019.  In the meantime, stay tuned for updates on the book and drafts to go live every month.

Since Donald Trump won the presidential election without winning the popular vote, there has been substantial and continuous protest against the Administration’s plans for the United States.  Street demonstrations are some of the most visible forms of opposition to the new Administration and its policies. Hundreds of thousands marched in pussy hats on the day after the inauguration; thousands stood in airports to show support for an America that is open to immigrants; tens of thousands of people marched (some sporting brain hats) to support science; and hundreds of thousands circled the White House to show concern for climate change and the ways the new Administration is quickly undoing all the previous administration’s progress. More recently, protest has erupted around the US in response to White Supremacists’ rallying and the President’s response to the violence in Charlottesville, VA.

At the same time, the Resistance has extended into Congressional districts.  Constituents have flooded the town hall meetings of their Congressional members to voice their concerns.  And people working within the US government have also resisted through rogue social media and data preservation, with members of advisory panels resigning left and right.  Even more recently, a US State Department science envoy stepped down from his appointment.  The first letters of the paragraphs in his public resignation letter were an acrostic spelling out the word “impeach.”  In other words, the election of Donald Trump has revitalized democracy in America.  People are no longer bowling alone, they are marching, yelling, and working together.

Although there have been numerous claims about how the election of Donald Trump will galvanize the progressive movement—spanning issues of race, class, gender, and sexual orientation—little has been written about how the progressive movement has come together to form the Resistance.  This book documents the American Resistance, focusing on the issues that are mobilizing participants and the tactics they are employing.  It concentrates on three specific components of the Resistance: Resistance in the Streets, Resistance in the Districts, and Resistance from Within.  It will conclude with a discussion of what the Resistance means for democracy and politics in the United States.

Keep checking back here for updates.  Here is the current schedule for posts on the American Resistance (NOTE:  as the world changes, this schedule and the actual posts may change):

  • Note on Intersectionality in the Resistance, September 2017
  • Draft of intro chapter, November 2017
  • Note on Science and Climate activism in the Resistance, December 2017
  • Draft of Chapter on Resistance in the Streets, January 2017
  • Overview of the American Resistance (in reality and in print), January 2017
  • Memo on Fieldwork about Resistance in the Districts, February 2018
  • Draft of Chapter on Resistance in the Districts, March 2018
  • Memo on field research about Resistance from Within, April 2018
  • Draft of Chapter on Resistance from Within, June 2018
  • Mid-term election, November 2018
  • Post-election revisions submitted for peer-review, February 2019
  • Book published by Columbia University Press, August 2019